You may, by now, be aware that we are missing most of the older photos that were used on the Hall of Fame website. The reasons, as explained to us, are two-fold: The photos were uploaded to the website directly from webmaster’s hard-drive and not pre-loaded to the website media file, so that the photos did not stay with the website when changes were made. The second reason was due to the previous website hosting situation that also created multiple problems. That said, we are now in desperate need of replacing as many of the photos as we can.

We are asking, pleading, and begging each of you that are a part of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame, either as an Inductee, nominator, Featured Quiltmaker, creator of an award winning quilt, or if you have access to, and permission, to share the missing photos with us again. As we continue to add the older records and posts from the past, we will continue to add all the stories that we were able to save but many of these will be without the photos that tell the “rest of the story”.

If you have photographs that we can use on the website, please email them to You may also use this email to contact me with questions about sharing the photographs.

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