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Image Introducing  Nancy Arseneault of Tucson

It turns out that I am a third generation quiltmaker although I wasn’t aware that my mother and grandmother made quilts until I taught myself and began making my own quilts.  I have sewn my entire life – doll clothes as a child and my own clothes while in high school.  During college, I worked at a fabric store and never brought home a paycheck.  It seems my love affair with fabric continues to this day.

Geometric patterns always appealed to me – kaleidoscopes, marching bands, doodling with colored pencils on graph paper.  When I discovered Amish quilts in the early 1980’s, I quit all the garment sewing and other crafts.  I was hooked on making quilts.

My early quilts were Amish-inspired.  I used solid fabrics and traditional patterns.  I quilted by hand and loved it.  I began to take lots of classes to develop my skills.  I joined quilting groups everywhere that we moved (and we moved a lot).  Gradually I used the sewing machine more and more.  Today I do very little by hand – only sewing on sleeves or embellishments.  I’ve made more quilts than I can remember over the years – probably 200+.

Returning to Arizona in 2004, I joined the Tucson Quilters Guild and have been fortunate to develop a wonderful network of quilting friends.  I have a very supportive husband who even buys me fabric!  I‘m retired, and since my kids are grown and my dear grandchildren live out of state, I enjoy the luxury of being able to quilt every day.   I don’t have a specialty…I love it all…but I am working on a continuing series of whimsical quilts based upon the Mexican celebration El Dia de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead.

I entered my first quilt show in 2005 (Tucson Quilt Fiesta) and was thrilled to receive ribbons from the judges and the viewers.  Now I make quilts for competitions, for sale and for community.  I continue to study with fantastic teachers.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn.  Three years ago I began giving private quilting lessons.  I really enjoy sharing my love of quilting in this way and I treasure all of the relationships that I’ve created through quiltmaking.

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