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The Arizona Centennial Quilt Project sponsored the Arizona Quilt Study Group in providing a quilt education event for the public. The 2 days of lecture, discussion, and close up examination of vintage and antique quilts was held at the Arizona History Museum where attendees also enjoyed the history 100 Years ~ 100 Quilts.


Friday started off with a marvelous slide presentation & lecture by Helen Young Frost on the AZ Quilt Project and the creation of GRAND ENDEAVORS. As usual Helen was a delight to hear recounting so many wonderful stories. GRAND EVDEAVORS is considered one of the best of the state quilt documentation books and really belongs in the library of every Arizona quilt maker. Although the book is out of print, you may be able to find a used copy at (note: book’s authorship may be listed as Pam Knight Stevenson who was Helen’s co-author)










Carolyn O'Bagy Davis was next with an amazing presentation on Hopi quilting. She shared incredible photos and quilts, sold quilts on behalf of the Hopi quilters, and surprised attendees by gifting each person with a copy of her book, Hopi Quilting: Stitched Traditions from an Ancient Community. We continued this fascinating study at the Arizona State Museum, located on the University of Arizona campus where Carolyn explained the Hopi quilt exhibit.








Saturday began with Janet Carruth lecturing about Emma Andres and showing several of Emma’s quilts. What a heart-stopping experience to get to see these iconic Arizona quilts and to hear the very personal history behind them. Janet has such a wealth of knowledge about Emma - we are all hoping she will write a book.






Featured speaker Julie Silber followed with her wonderful lecture QUILTS IN WOMEN'S LIVES. Julie's knowledge of women's and quilt history is so impressive and was illustrated by an amazing collection of antique and vintage photographs. Julie brought several tops and blocks to provide a closer look at the fabrics, techniques, and visions of these early quilters. And, of course, we all had a terrific time with Julie at lunch and dinner.









We closed the day with the ever lively Jean Carlton, an AQS certified appraiser who talked about quilt styles around the time of Arizona’s statehood. She illustrated her talk with selected quilts from AQSG members’ collections. To end the day, Jean hosted a “cold trunk” show where audience members showed their quilts and received commentary from Jean. Amazingly, Audrey Waite and Cathy Dargel brought in quilts that had been featured in GRAND ENDEAVORS!










Upcoming Arizona Quilt Study Group Meetings

"Kit Quilts of the 20th Century” by Lynn Miller and Anne Hodgkins
Location: 1st Christian Church
6750 N. 7th AVE.
Glendale, AZ
PLEASE NOTE - 7TH AVE, not 7TH STREET Reap What You Sew Building - Sign on side of building (double wide manufactured building, with the blue door - former school)

"Mid-19th Century Applique" by Sue Franklin Dewey

"Red and White Quilts" by Audrey Waite Dewey

"Quilt Documentation" presented by the Heritage Quilt Study Group Dewey
DEWEY LOCATION: Prescott Country Club
POA Building
1133 Old Chisholm Trail
Dewey, AZ

I17N or I 17S to Hwy 69
Left on Country Club (third signal from 69/169)
Left at Stop sign at Old Chisholm Trail
1133 Old Chisholm Trail - one block on left, POA sign in front