Pat Luhmann – February 2016 Featured Quilt Maker

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I was born and raised in Upstate New York, about an hour and half from the city.  I have been quilting since the 80’s, but unlike many, I did not have previous sewing experience making clothes.  Much of what I did in my earlier quilting was self-taught.

My mother-in-law taught sewing for 4H and offered to teach me to sew.  Unfortunately, I did not take her up on this wonderful offer, as she was a beautiful quilter.  My husband, Mark and I (married 38 years) came in Arizona for a visit in 2004 and bought a home.  We retired in 2005 and moved to Sun City West.  While working and caring for aging family, I did not have the time to take many classes or to perfect my techniques.

I am a traditional quilter and prefer the look of pieced and appliqued quilts.  My favorite quilt designers are Lori Smith and Kim Diehl.  I had taken a class in NY on the various techniques for applique and thought “this is not for me”.  Now I love needle turn applique and find it very relaxing to do in the evenings.

When I moved to Sun City West, I had the time to volunteer in our local quilt group, Palo Verde Patchers.  I  was Vice President in charge of programs/classes for 2 years, then co-chaired our biennial quilt show in 2011 and then became club President for 2 years.  I am now co-chairing our upcoming 10th anniversary quilt show which will be February 2017.  I was also a member of Calico Cut-ups for 9 years.  I belonged to a garment design group for 5 years and made many unique jackets – winning 1st prize in Fashion for one of my designs. I also belong to a quilt guild in Thayne, Wyoming where we spend our Summers.  This past Summer, I led that group and taught a number of classes.

I love being busy and all the wonderful friends I have made since moving to Arizona – many of which are fellow quilters.  I enjoy golfing, reading, travel, and gardening.

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