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Hall of Fame Awards and Nominations

Hall of Fame Nominations

Who will you nominate to the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame?

Nomination Forms Are Now Available For The Class of 2017. Nominations are now being accepted until 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 4, 2017. Download the form 2017 NOMINATION FORM 1

Completed nominations can be mailed to:

P.O. BOX 1196

or emailed to:




1. Before you begin, read the entire nomination packet through carefully. Make sure that you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s – in other words, follow the directions fully and completely.
2. Don’t wait to the last minute. A great nomination reflects thought and planning!
3. Don’t use acronyms! Your nominations are read by reviewers from around the state. Everyone is not familiar with the abbreviations you might customarily use in your group(s).
4. Be as clear and concise in what you say as possible. Don’t repeat information over and over.
5. Refer to the nomination criteria and tell us exactly what the nominee has accomplished that’s in alignment with the nomination criteria. Give concrete examples.
6. Computer generated and/or typed forms are required. This helps the reviewers read your nomination and eliminates any misunderstandings caused by handwriting.
7. Make sure your letters of recommendation come from two people other than the person writing the nomination.
8. All documents, including the letters of recommendation, must be submitted both in hard copy and on a CD readable by a computer. (Documents should be formatted in .doc or .pdf files. Microsoft Vista users, please save Word files in ’97 version.) The electronic version will be used to share the nomination packet with all the reviewers, making our process as cost-effective and as “green” as possible. Thanks for understanding and supporting our efforts.
9. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have as you work on your nominations! Please feel free to contact Jan Hackett, Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame, at jan.hackett65@yahoo.com or call 480-322-5022. Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame welcomes nominations for those who meet the following criteria:

As a primary Arizona resident rhe nominee has made a contribution to quilt making on a local, regional, national or international level.

  • This contribution may be by one or more of the following:
    • Achieving significant recognition for her/his quilts.
    • Authoring and publishing books, patterns, or articles related to any recognized aspect of quilts and quiltmaking.
    • Playing a significant role in the organization or leadership of established quilt-related organizations.
    • Teaching or lecturing about quilts, quiltmaking, quiltmakers, and/or their historical and social significance, thereby developing a reputation for expertise in the field.
    • Curating quilt exhibits that receive recognition beyond the local level or amassing a significant collection of quilts that is available for public viewing and education
    • Developing and/or marketing products (other than patterns) that relate to quiltmaking that have received significant market acceptance.
    • Encouraging others to serve the community through quiltmaking activities with significant effect.
    • Owning, managing and/or operating a quilt shop for five or more years that, beyond offering quilting supplies and materials, has provided significant educational opportunities for the general public.

10 Offering appraisals of historic and/or contemporary quilts, having achieved certification from a recognized body to do so.
11. Judging quilts on a local, regional, national and/or international level, having achieved certification from a recognized body to do so.
The nominee must have made that contribution while a resident of the state of Arizona.
The nominee may be living or deceased.

Hall of Fame Awards

Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame seeks to encourage excellence in quilt making throughout the State of Arizona. To that end, we offer support to Arizona-based guilds, chapters and quilt groups to provide recognition for outstanding quilts and their quilt makers at those organizations’ quilt exhibits or shows.

For each participating show or exhibit, Arizona Quilters hall of Fame will provide:

  • One ribbon, indicating the quilt has achieved the Hall of Fame recognition for that show or exhibit.
  • A one-year inclusion in the Friends of Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame group for the ribbon recipient or a one-year extension if the recipient is already a Friend.
  • A special Charm (pictured right) to identify Hall of Fame Award Winners when wearing their Friends of Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame pin.
  • Feature the quilt and maker on the Hall of Fame web site.
  • Invite the quilter to exhibit her/his winning quilt at the annual Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon.

*The following is the requested criteria for selection of the Hall of Fame award:

  • The recipient is selected by the show or exhibit chair, giving her/him the opportunity to recognize the quilt she/he deems most worthy.
  • The designated quilt should be considered “Hall of Fame” worthy; in other words, it demonstrates outstanding execution of the tasks the quilt maker has undertaken.
  • The show or exhibit chair may not award her/himself the recognition.
  • If more than one maker is involved in the execution of the quilt, all should be recognized.
  • Pictures of the winning quilt and/or of the quilt and its maker would be most appreciated for inclusion to the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame website and newsletter.

For complete details, please contact us!

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