Yes, 2016. Now that the nominations are in and voted on for the 2015 Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame Inductees, it’s time for you to start thinking about someone you think deserves this recognition. Look around your next guild or organization meeting and think about who in your organization stands out as a recognized quilter, designer, quilt historian, or organizer extrodinaire, or any combination of these areas; if you are on Face Book, Instagram or other media with someone that has been an outstanding member of the Arizona quilt scene, then the time to start the ball rolling is here. Don’t wait until March 1, 2016 to start the process. Talk to your friends, speak with your guild leadership, visit you local favorite quilt shop and chat with the friendly people there to explore the possibilities of a nomination. And don’t forget the people who may have been nominated in the past and were not selected.

Many times we board members are asked why so and so has not been inducted to the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame and the answer is “they haven’t been nominated.” Did you know that board members cannot nominate anyone? We only collect the nominations, publish them for your vote and tally the votes. This is your job, Arizona Quilter. Only you can do it. Did you know that anyone can nominate an Arizona quilter or a quilt shop? One may even nominate themself. But only Friends of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame can cast a deciding vote.

Start talking to your friends and decide on who you would like to see inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016. You know someone that deserves the honor. Don’t let 2016 slip by without your nomination.

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