Pam Green, Vice-President


Pam Green

Scottsdale Arizona



I moved to AZ in 2001 and immediately found a quilt guild, the Delightful Quilters, in Scottsdale. I knew that finding a group of quilters that I could connect with would help me settle in and make Phoenix my home.  I have been an active member of that group since then and have been serving on the planning team for at least 8 or more years.

I started quilting back in the early 1980’s while living in South Carolina. I met so many ladies that had grandmothers who quilted that I knew I needed to learn how to do this. I had been playing with fabric and needlework since junior high school. Georgia Bonesteel  was one of my early quilting inspirations.

I consider myself a traditional style quilter. I love to see the old classic patterns created with new modern fabrics. I prefer hand appliqué, as my time allows, and still do some hand quilting. I’m not very good at machine quilting and usually rely on a longarm quilter for large projects. I love to share my knowledge and help new quilters find their calling. I’ve taught classes in basic patchwork and quilting, embroidery, and English smocking over the years. I helped with some of the appliqué on the Centennial quilt and I’ve volunteered for several years at the AQG annual quilt show.

I’ve lived a lot of different places, thanks to the US Army, and was living in Indonesia for 12 years before landing here. When I returned to the States after a long time overseas, I had lots of catching up to do. My stash needed freshening, there were lots of episodes of Simply Quilts to watch, and I had to learn all about the ladies who were the new face of quilting.

I’ve had a lot of different jobs but now consider myself a stay-at-home grandma. Sounds good but my grandson is a 5 hr plane ride away. My 2 daughters are grown and on their own. One of them actually does some quilting when her job allows.

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