Jan Hackett, President




Jan Hackett, Vice-President
Jan Hackett, San Tan Valley, Arizona President

A life-long sewer for herself and her children, Jan found her first passion for quilts in 1993 when she made her granddaughters their first quilts. Joining various quilt groups at her favorite quilt store and meeting new friends soon led her on a new path in the quilt world-a special love for vintage and antique quilts.

She joined several study groups to learn more about the history of quilting, both local and national. It was while attending an American Quilt Study Group Seminar in New Jersey in the fall of 2012 that she made a resolution to learn more about the quilts of Arizona.

Joined by two friends, Lynn Miller and Roberta Bowen, they researched and learned about the Quilt Documentation Projects going on all over the United States and abroad. This led them to the Quilt Index, a virtual museum and repository of Quilt Documentation records and images. With the help of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame and a grant from the Heritage Quilters of Sharlot Hall, the revival of the Arizona Quilt Documentation Project became a reality.

Jan says she has combined the best of two of her favorite subjects-history and quilts.

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