The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame Nomination Forms for the 2015 Inductees and the 2015 Shop of the Year are now available here on our website. The forms have been reviewed and updated to help make the nomination process a little easier. You can access the forms by clicking on them here:





The nominations must be received or postmarked by May 4, 2015 and all forms must be completed. We request that the forms be typed or complete the foms on the computer. The Shop of the Year Nomination Forms and supporting materials must be submitted on a cd (compact disc). Photos must be submitted in jpeg or gif format. All submitted material is the property of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame and cannot be returned.

Who Can Make Nominations to the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame?

That answer is simple-ANYONE can make a nomination, but remember, only current Friends of the Hall of Fame may vote on the nomination. The submitter may also be the nominee. This applies to both the Inductee and the Shop of the Year nominations.

Who Can Be Nominated?

We seek to honor quilt makers, quilt historians, quilt designers and published authors of quilting, quilt history or of any published work relating the quilting. The nominee must have resided in Arizona and their contributions should have an impact on Arizona quilters. We wish to recognize men and women that fit this criteria, whether living or posthomously. Look around your next guild or chapter meeting, reflect on someone that has had a large influence on your knowledge of quilting, talk to you quilting friends to see if they have been influenced or know of some one that deserves this recognition. We all know of someone or a group that have been a major influence to the Arizona quilt scene. Some have even reached out beyond our state boundaries and made their influence known there.

Why Should I Nominate Someone to the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame?

The Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame wants to insure that the work of these leaders, organizers, teachers and extremely talented people are recognized throughout the entire state of Arizona. Many times the contributions of someone are recognized but for a fleeting moment of time. It is our goal to keep these names and legacies alive.

Can My Favorite Quilt Shop Be Nominated as Quilt Shop of The Year?

Yes, any locally owned, independent quilt shop in Arizona can be nominated for Quilt Shop of the Year. We wish to recognize the local quilt shop that provides the best service and product to the Arizona quilters and seeks to help serve the community that it represents. Whether it is the shop promotion of specially selected projects such as Quilts of Valor, quilt making education for youth, community food drives for the homeless or any other program that the quilt shop works with-we wish to honor these hard-working shops and shop owners for their contributions.

Who Has Been Recognized by the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame in the Past?

Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame ~ Inductees

     2014    Gina Perkes    Pine, Arizona

                Laraine Daly Jones   Tucson, Arizona

                Goldie Tracy Richmond (Posthumous)

                            Tohono O’odham Reservation


     2013     Barbara Polston    Phoenix Area

                  Sally Hatfield    Globe, Arizona

                  Suzy Weaver    Tucson Area

                  Nancy Horn (Posthumous)     Phoenix Area


    2012     Diane Pitchford   Phoenix Area

                 Jeannie Coleman & Carol Zupanic

                                (Quilt for a Cause) Tucson Area

                 Karen Lalo Totsie   Flagstaff Area, Hopi Reservation

                 Wanda Seale    Phoenix Area

                 Willene Smith    Payson Area, Phoenix, Arizona


     2011     Carol Hood   Prescott, Arizona

                  George D. Butler (Posthumous)   Phoenix Area

                  Lynn G. Kough   Phoenix Area

                  Nancy Landan   Tucson, Arizona


     2010    Carolyn O’Bagy Davis   Tucson, Arizona

                 Darlene Reid   Phoenix Area

                 Elizabeth “Betty” Merkel   Sierra Vista, Arizona

                 Sharon Schambur   Payson, Arizona


      2009    Bernadine Singer   Crown King, Arizona

                  Diane Lynne Holley   Chino Valley, Arizona

                  Emma Anders (Posthumous)   Prescott, Arizona

                  Helen Young Frost   Tucson, Arizona    

                  Janet Caruth   Phoenix, Arizona


    2008    Audrey Waite   Sedona, Arizona &

                          Dee Lynn (Posthumous)

                Eloise DeSpain   Winslow, Arizona

                Evelyn George    Tucson, Arizona

                Laurene Sinema (Posthumous)   Phoenix, Arizona

                Linda Sizemore Callahan

                          Phoenix & Strawberry, Arizona




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